Client Requirements

Any client will be required to leave a credit card for any appointment taking more than 30 minutes. If the client no calls/no shows the appointment the client could be charged up to 40% of the full price cost of their service. The card will be run for $1.00 to confirm it is a valid card. That dollar will be applied to the service cost.

Growth Requirements

The Birthday Suit recommends 3 weeks of hair growth between shaving and 1st waxing appointment. If you come in prior to the recommended timeframe and the growth is not long enough, you will no longer be eligible for 1st time client promotions. You should be able to grab the hair between your thumb and forefinger. Our wax adheres directly to the hair and if your hair is too short, the wax cannot remove it.

How Long Will it Last?

As much as we wish body waxing was an exact science, hair growth post was differs for each client. The approximate timeline between repeat services is 3-4 weeks, but it could vary from person to person.


If you are using any topical acne medications, taking any antibiotics, or taking Acutane, we will not be able to offer you any facial waxing services. And with Acutane specifically, we may not be able to offer you any body waxing services.

First Time Client Absence

If a first time client no calls/no shows their appointment they are no longer eligible for first time promotions.


Cancellations require a 24 hour notice. Emergency situations are exempt.

Late for an Appointment

If you are ( 5 ) minutes late for your appointment time, you may have to be rescheduled for some or all of your services. If you are a first time client, 5 minutes late may result in rescheduling. If rescheduling occurs, it may result in a loss of first time promotional prices.

No Show for ( 3 ) Appointments

If a client no calls / no shows for a total of 3 appointments, they will no longer be eligible for discounts ( service industry, student, etc. ).

Thank you
We understand that these policies may sound a bit harsh, but unfortunately the behavior of some is effecting all of our clients and staff. Long appointments take up a big portion of a staff members time, and no-shows result in potentially lost appointments for other clients as well as the esthetician. We never want to turn away a client, so when booking an appointment, please be respectful of our time as we try our best to be respectful of yours. We want to make everyone ( clients and staff ) happy!